IT Logistic Solution

The Total Rail Projects handles:

  • the management of 350 wagons on site
  • the transport between 2 Total Sites, in Gonfreville and Carling
    • transport of ADR Products
    • increase of the rail traffic
  • the location of the wagons through an RFID Interface.

For the eLisa Rail project, Pulsar developed 3 different applications:
  • Background: treatment of files in I/O
  • Foreground: Windows application
  • PDA: Pocket application with SOAP service.

Management of the wagons before eLisa Rail: board updated manually.

Management of the wagons with the eLisa Rail application:

  • Quick and clear overview of all site ways
  • Information on the ways: number of wagons, consignment
  • Information on the wagons: anomaly, status, product, etc.

Here below, a screenshot of the application. Through this screen, the user can specify one or more search criteria to find a wagon (e.g.: search by status, product, etc.)

Clicking on a wagon in the result grid opens its identification sheet:

A transit into practice

  1. A wagon arrives on site and is identified at the hand of a PDA:
    • scan of the RFID: opening of the wagon sheet on the PDA
    • validation of the technical sheet
    • entry wagon control

  2. Synchronization of the PDA with the database: update of the rail tracks and update of the wagon data.
  3. Combination of the wagon with SAP orders
  4. Unloading:
    • control before by loaders
    • weighing
    • control after by loaders
  5. Exit of the site