IT Logistic Solution

"La carrière des limites" is an enterprise which loads trucks with crushed limestone of all sizes for construction, industry and agriculture.



Our application "MinOp" manages the loading of trucks with an industrial tablet. 


The loader chooses the language he wants, he identifies himself and chooses the vehicle he's using. Then he selects several information such as the plate of the truck, the product he has to load and the quantity of this product. 

The application informs the maximum weight the truck can hold and if the weight exceeds the maximum weight possible, the application informs you by a color code.

Then the loader confirms information and can start to load the truck.

The loader can see the history of loading, day by day to find a load.

In the history, the loader can see the status of data transmission. If data were not transmitted to the server, the loader can synchronize the application. 

MinOp can print a ticket with information loading (Truck, Product, Quantity).

The application has a setting menu where the loader can manage settings or disconnect himself.



Here is the architecture of the application MinOp



Download the full version of the presentation here (Fr only) :

 Présentation MinOp