IT Logistic Solution

Burgo Ardennes is an important plant in Europe which produces 360.000 tons of paper and paper paste each year. The expeditions/receptions are divided into three flows:

  • The wood receptions are capital for the plant. It needs 250 daily trucks to reach the ratio of 4 tons of wood needed for 1 ton of paper produced
  • The commercial expeditions: the customers can order paper or paper paste to produce their own paper
  • The raw material receptions: the paper production needs some chemical products to transform wood into paper


Access control

eLisa manages the access control of the trucks bringing wood into the plant. The drivers have received permanent badges, which may be used at the north or the south portal. If the badge is valid (not blocked, not out-of-date,...), the truck is accepted to enter the plant. Once the unloading done, eLisa allows the truck to exit if it has completed the business flow (first weighing, unloading, second weighing and print of the official documents).


Weighing bridges

eLisa interfaces two types of weighing bridges:

  • Widra: these weighing bridges are used for the commercial expeditions and raw material receptions
  • Sartorius: the wood reception uses this type of weighing bridges. If a truck is too long for the bridge, eLisa can register the weighing in two or more times