IT Logistic Solution

Projet Scope

Yara is a company based in Norway.It is the largest distributer of nutrients for plants in the form of crystallized manures

The production site of Tertre is specialized in the production of nitrate fertilizer like various chemical products such as ammonia, nitrate of ammonium, the nitric acid and of carbon dioxide.

In the month of July 2011, the old LISA application was replaced by the new software eLisa. This new module eLisa ensures a complete follow-up of the entries and exits trucks on the site:


Truck entry on the site

There exists an access barrier in entry which has a terminal with a double height badge reader. It allows to the driver having a permanent badge to enter onsite without having to leave its vehicle. If a person does not have a badge, it must go to the guard office. Then, the guard can give him a temporary badge to enter on the site or the guard can open the entry and exit barriers manually.

When the driver presents his badge, the server checks the transaction and it shows to the driver, via the display, the number of the weighing bridge where he must go.

If the driver uses a permanent badge on the entry terminal, the eLisa application creates a new transaction automatically. The vehicle can thus enter, charge, weigh, arise from the site and that even in case of absence of the guards.


Truck arrival and registration

When a driver arrives on the site of Yara, it must leave its vehicle on the external carpark and go to the guard office to register its truck.

For the commercial flow: the guard search the order in eLisa with the entry number known by the driver. The search is perfomed through an interface with ALS. Then the transaction is created automatically and the guard links a badge to this one.

For other flows: the guard creates a new "other" transaction and links a badge. 

Once the truck is registreted, the guard gives the badge to the driver to enter on site with its truck.


Truck weighing

The weighing bridges are interfaced by the eLisa application in order to record the weights and automatically to bind those to the badges/transactions.

To record a weighing, the driver positions on the bridge and passes his badge in front of the reader of proximity. After validation by the eLisa application (on the server), the weight is recorded in the database.


With the loading/proportioning:

The driver positions his truck, goes down and presents himself to the control box. He presents his badge and the eLisa application checks that he is at the good place. The eLisa server informs the system of proportioning with the desired product and quantity.

At the end of the loading, the weight really loaded is sent to the server and recorded in the database.


Kemira-6 Kemira-7

<>Weighing bridges and automatic loading devices

Kemira-1 Kemira-5


Truck site exit

After the loading or the unloading of his truck, the driver presents himself to the exit gate and introduces his badge into the reader. This barrier is also equipped with a doubles height access terminal. Once the badge read, the eLisa application checks if the driver is authorized to leave the site, i.e. if the vehicle has weighed 2 times (except for the procedures of weighing in once). Then, eLisa checks if the badge must be swallowed:

  • a permanent badge: the badge is returned to the driver, except if the date of validity is exceeded.
  • for all the other transactions, the badge is swallowed.

The exit terminal opens the barrier and invites the driver to place his vehicle on the external carpark, then to go on foot to the guard lodge to recover its transport documents.

Transaction closure

In the case of an expedition transaction, the driver goes to the guard to close the transaction in eLisa. The guard opens the transaction eLisa by introducing the number of plate tractor or by seeking the transaction in the list of the trucks. Then it checks that the truck has loaded all the order and encloses the transaction. The documents are then printed by ALS.

In the other cases, the guard opens the transaction eLisa, checks the data and prints a weighing ticket.

Weighing ticket printed by eLisa