IT Logistic Solution

Some examples of eLisa Road application screenshots.





Search screens for commercial transactions.
The search criteria allow to search transactions in the past and to view the opened transactions.
Multiple profiles.
Profile selection at the application startup.
Truck call.
Visualise all trucks waiting on the external parking lot. The guards can change the display mode (switch to manual or back to automatic), suspend or call a truck.
When anomalies are detected, eLisa generates alarms, which can be visualized in real-time via the desktop application. These alarms are stored in the database, and can of course still be retrieved long after the truck has left the site.
Trailer management.
All trucks and trailer accessing the site are kept in the database. Special attention is drawn on ADR vehicles, for which specific controls are performed before the truck enters the plant.
Maps are dynamically printed, to help the truck drivers, on the welcome and on the loading documents. These maps are managed in the application. Specific maps are associated to each loading points and product.
Legal weights
Truck overload can be a big issue on the road! To avoid overloads, eLisa integrates the legal maximum weights & max. loada ble weights authorized for eahc country deserved by the plant. These maximum weights also depend on the transport mode (road, rail/road, ...).
Transaction closure
Once the truck has finished loading, the back-office is in charge of clossing the transaction in eLisa. The Total employees mentions the quantities really loaded for each line of the order. The application verifies the compliance of the load. If no anomaly is detected, the transaction is closed. All loaded quantities are automatically transmitted to SAP for the good issue of the order, and the printing of the CMR.
Several documents can be printed via eLisa: welcome documents, loading/unloading documents, sticker for grouped orders, weighing tickets, excise documents, etc..
Welcome document - safety instructions
A dynamic document is printed once the driver has registered at the entry terminal. This document holds the truck, trailer and driver information, identifies the order, and provides instructions to the driver: safety on site, a map, etc.
Loading documents
The loading document printed by the application holds information for the driver (instructions, maps) as well as for the loader (quantities to be loaded, product locations, etc.)
Several reports are available in eLisa, providing statistic data on loading times, respect of apointment times, etc.
Multilingual safety instructions
All safety instructions appearing on the printed documents are managed in eLisa, with no limit on the available languages.
Truck drivers management
The list of all known truck drivers is maintained in the application. Specific information exist for ADR transports.


Search for commercial transactions. Thanks to the multiple criteria you can get the historic and the active transactions