IT Logistic Solution

Access control

  • Control authorization of entry or exit at the barriers
  • Control the congestion at the loading stations
  • Truck call system with a display
  • Blacklist and warnings
  • Permanent badges

Safety instructions

  • Reminder of the safety instructions on the documents given to the driver. 
    The instructions are translated in the driver language.


Truck control at the entry and exit

  • Customizable control checklists
  • Entry control : detect the conformity of the truck and the trailer before sending them to the loading stations
  • SPOT controls : a controls can be random or systematic (for ADR shipments)
  • Control checklists customizable per product

Control checklists can be done on paper (printed by the eLisa application) or electronically via PDA.

Dangerous Goods Transport Control

Some specific controls are possible for dangerous goods:


Des contrôles spécifiques sont possibles pour les matières dangereuses:


  • Truck and container validity date check
  • Trailer type and loaded product
  • Validation of the truck identification (ONU code and Danger code)
  • Validation of the truck Dangerous Goods Transport certification


  • Management of the maxiumum legal weights authorized on road by country and by transport mode
  • Blocking in case of overload