IT Logistic Solution

Time saving

Simplification of administrative formalities: drivers register to a terminal. Simplifies the administrative work of the guards: the driver, the tractor and trailer are already identified when the driver arrives at the gate house.

Less stress at peak times, increased capacity, avoids manual data entry errors

The drivers register in their own language on a multilingual interactive terminal.

Permanent Badges

Permanent badges offer the possibility to give permanent access to the site to some drivers, for operations requiring multiple loadings on the site or repetitive operations (shuttles, transfers, ...).

Control the truck waiting times

The time spent by drivers on site is not negligible, and any delay is often billed by the carrier. This can represent a significant cost for the plant.

Elisa offers standard tools to limit these costs to a minimum:

  • Statistical reports on wait times per carrier
  • Verification system of appointment: drivers who arrive late or early should not penalize those who arrive on time.
  • Traceability of waiting time, charging time, total time spent on site, etc..

Automated controls

  • specific treatment of the ADR transports, possibility of systematic control.
  • IN/OUT control checklists
  • Access Control: drivers only have access to areas that are accessible


  • Management of queues, limit congestion in the plant (at loading stations)

Optimization of loadings:

  • recalculation of loadable quantities once known tare weight of the truck
  • warning of predictable overload

Modularity of the application

In order to easily adapt to any environment, from simple to complex, Elisa is based on a modular architecture.

eLisa can be installed in stand-alone, non-integrated: All entries will be in the application, without any interaction with field equipment and no integrated business management (ERP).

In integrated mode, Elisa can interact with various field equipment to:

  • Automatically integrate truck weighings
  • Provide access control by interacting with automatic gates
  • Exchange information with loading software such as SAP Central