IT Logistic Solution

Specific profiles for specific jobs!

eLisa integrates the user profiles concept, allowing each user to perform operations assigned to their profile. Here are the standard profiles:

Guard Profile

The guards are responsible of the welcoming of the truck drivers on site.

The truck drivers identified at the kiosk can go to the guard lodge to receive a badge and allowing to enter on site.

Guards also involved the security controls of inbound and outbound trucks.

The guard profile can view all transactions in progress. The transaction detail in the application can be opened using the badge reader or via the scan of the barcode (printed on all documents given to the driver).

FSO Profile (Factory Sales Office)

The FSO ensure the link between the actors of the plant (guards, loaders,  Le BCU assure le lien entre tous les différents acteurs de l'usine (gardes, chargeurs, charterers, transporters, etc.). 
If a problem of product availability occurs during the truck loading, the FSO will attempt to find a solution to the problem. 
Once the truck is loaded, the FSO will complete the transaction (product validation and loaded quantities, good issue) and deliver the transport documents to the truck driver.

Loader Profile

The loaders have a clear vision of the daily planning, sector by sector, and an overview of the transactions that have already been completed.

Administrator Profile

The administrator profiles has access to all application functionalities. This profile can manage all parameters and all referential data (transporters, truck drivers, trucks, tailers, etc.).

Read-Only Profile

The read-only profile has can read data in the system but cannot modify data. With this profile, the user cannot create new transactions but he can have global overview of the plant activity.

The access rights of different profiles can be adapted according to the plant operating mode.