IT Logistic Solution

Site Entry

  • Access control badges
    Validation of the transport information, of the driver's certifications, of the trailer and truck data (mainly for ADR transports)
    Order validation: the driver arrives for the right order & the product is available ofr loading. 
    The truck driver or the transporter is not blacklisted 
    Validation of the appointment time.
  • Interfaces with access control systems & interaction with barriers

Access to the different zones of the plant

  • eLisa ensures that the truck only accesses the zones for which a loading is requested.


Site exit

The site can be directly liable if a truck leaving the site is not in compliance with the legal requirements, or may be hold reposible by the customer if the delivered product is not 100% compliant with the order.
Elisa allows certain controls to ensure compliance of the truck loading:

  • Checking loads: on the basis of weights, the system can automatically check that the quantities loaded correspond to the ordered quantities
  • Verification of the max loadable weight: the system will never let an overloaded truck leave the plant.
  • Validation of the products loaded, e.g. based on control letters.