IT Logistic Solution

Increased capacity



In many cases, the workload induced by the drivers registration is far from negligible:

  • identification of the truck driver
  • identification of the truck and trailer
  • identification of the order for which the driver comes
  • validation of the appointment date and time
  • ...

All these procedures can be simplified by the use of kiosks, on which the drivers register themselves.

Security controls

eLisa takes care of the necessary validations:

  • The driver registers at the entry terminal and mentions the reference number of his order.
  • If the loading is permitted, a welcome document is printed, on which the driver will find precise instructions, as well as a rehearsal of the safety on site.
  • If the driver is late, or if for some reason the load is blocked, the driver is alerted to the problem
  • Once registration completed at the terminal, the driver can arrive at the gate house to get a badge and continue loading.


A 100% self-service mode?

On some sites, the use of terminals goes beyond the identification of the driver and his vehicle, and the whole loading process is automated by kiosks (Registration Terminal) and loading (Loading Terminal).

The loading is done without any human intervention for the distribution of badges or the edition of loading & transportation documents

It goes without saying that safety is not neglected, and that strong locks are implemented in the terminals to ensure that only expected drivers, respecting their appointment are accepted on the site.